Shop online and deliver to our address in Florida, USA.

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Shop online at your favorite sites and just ship your goods to the following address: 1708 NW 82nd Ave Doral, FL 33126 USA (321) 300-6468 We will then ship directly to you and clear your package through Customs. Our shipping fee is $10 per pound, handling fee is $5, plus any applicable duties. (St. Maarten: USD $5 per pound and USD $5 handling).


If you need us to, we can place your orders online using our credit card for a fee of $10 (St. Maarten: USD $5) per order.


If you have a busy schedule and you are not able to pick up your packages at one of our office locations, we can deliver your packages to your home or office.


Packages are insured automatically at a cost of $1 (USD $1 in St. Maarten) for up to a value of USD $100. If additional insurance is required it must be requested at least twenty-four (24) hours before the item arrives at our US Warehouse. The request can be made via email or it can be an acknowledged request to a staff member and a valid invoice for the item must be submitted with this request.
We aim for daily flights, Monday through Friday, and as long as all invoices are submitted to us you should be able to pickup your package two business days after it is received in the US.
By default we use air freight for all of our packages. If you are interested in sea freight, ship to the same address, and let us know at least 24 hours before the package is received at our US Warehouse that you would like it shipped via Sea.

The fees are $25 (St. Maarten: USD $10) handling per piece and $20 (St. Maarten: USD $7) per cubic foot. It usually takes about two weeks for these packages to be delivered. If the piece is greater than 10 cubic feet, then the handling is $75 (St. Maarten: USD $30).
1708 NW 82nd Ave,
Doral, FL 33126
For the majority of packages we use a regular scale to calculate the weight, and we round up to the nearest pound. But for those packages with significant dimensions we multiple the length by the width by the height, all in inches, and then we divide by 166 to get the chargeable weight in pounds. This is a standard formula used by all shipping companies.
Yes we do. We charge $30 (St. Maarten: USD $10) per pound and $10 (St. Maarten: USD $5) handling for this service. We get it to our address in the US and it can be picked up by FedEx, UPS, the US Postal Service, or DHL if you have supplied a paid shipping label. If not, there will be an extra fee for shipping to the destination depending on that location and weight of your package and how quickly you need it there.
Any packages which remain at our facilities longer than thirty (30) days will be deemed abandoned. So you have thirty (30) calendar days to pickup your package after you have been notified that it is ready. We usually auction off abandoned items. We currently do not have a set schedule for auctions. For packages shipped via Sea Freight, you have five (5) business days to pickup after it is available and after that we start charging rent . This is primarily because of the size of these packages. Please contact your local office for the rental rates.